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1. General provisions

1.1. Provider

The savedroid-crypto-application (“ savedroid-crypto-app”) as well as the functionalities and services provided therein are provided by savedroid FL GmbH, Dr. Grass-Straße 12, 9490 Vaduz, Liechtenstein, registered in the Commercial Register of the Principality of Liechtenstein under number FL-0002.583.888-3 (“we” or “savedroid ”).

1.2. Offer for adult users

The savedroid-crypto-app is intended for individuals of legal age who act exclusively in their own economic interests.

1.3. Object of contract

The savedroid-crypto-app is an intelligent app for mobile terminal devices, which makes various functions available to its users (“ you” or “user”).

These include in particular saving in virtual currencies within the meaning of Art. 2 Para. 1 lit. l) of the Liechtenstein Due Diligence Act (LGBl. 2009/47 in the valid version, hereinafter “ Due Diligence Act“ or “SPG”), as for example Bitcoin or Ethereum, via automatic savings rules (“ smooves“, cf. Subclause 5.1.).

However, savedroid explicitly does not provide any financial advice or give any recommendations via the savedroid-crypto-app, which are based on the personal circumstances of the users. If you are not sure whether virtual currencies, the savedroid-crypto-app or the services provided through this are suitable for you, we recommend that you are advised by a qualified financial advisor.

2. Scope

2.1. Validity of these Conditions of Use

These Conditions of Use shall apply for the use of the savedroid-crypto-app and for all functionalities and services provided therein by savedroid. Besides these

Conditions of Use

a) the list of prices and services respectively the information about our services and fees provided in the savedroid-crypto-app, as well as

b) your information, instructions and declarations, which you transmit to us via the savedroid-crypto-app or in any other admissible manner,

will also become part of the contractual relationship between you and us with regard to the provision of our services to you and your obligations.

2.2. References

References in these Conditions of Use by stating Subclause shall always refer, insofar as not otherwise stated in an individual case, to Subclauses of these Conditions of Use.

3. Services of savedroid

3.1. Provision of the savedroid-crypto-app

The services to be provided by savedroid comprise the provision of the savedroid-crypto-app as well as the functions and services made available therewith within the scope of the availability determined according to Subclause 8. The precise scope of the functionalities is determined according to the concrete design of the savedroid-crypto-app as well as the information and function descriptions available therein. You can find a description of the essential features of the functions and services of the savedroid-crypto-app in Subclause 5.

The scope of services of savedroid does not include the creation of the technical prerequisites for using the savedroid-crypto-app. This is the task of the users.

3.2. Crypto-Saving

The savedroid-crypto-app enables you to save by purchasing various virtual currencies (“Crypto-Saving“) by means of smooves stipulated by you or one-off transactions initiated by you. savedroid hereby exchanges the amount in a legal currency, e.g. Euro, (“Fiat money“) into the virtual currencies of your choice and securely holds the virtual currencies in safekeeping for you until you request the repayment or payout. The further regulations presented in Subclause 5. shall apply for the Crypto-Saving.

Use of vicarious agents
savedroid may cooperate with vicarious agents and partners for fulfilment when providing the services. When using this service you grant savedroid the right to involve vicarious agents/partners for fulfilment when providing the services.

4. Conclusion of contract

4.1. Registration

The use of the savedroid-crypto-app presumes the creation of an own user account (“Registration“) as well as the deposit of a means of payment that is supported by savedroid, for example, providing details of a credit card or bank details (cf. Subclause 5.3.).

Within the scope of creating your user account you are obliged to enter the data that are required for this purpose correctly and in full as well as to always keep these data up-to-date. The required data in particular include your contact details.

4.2. Communication
savedroid shall send communication relevant for the contract to your deposited e-mail address. Incidentally, the communication will be carried out via the communication means selected by you for the primary form of contact or directly via the app.

4.3. PIN security

For the registration it is necessary for you to select a PIN, with which you identify yourself with each further use of the savedroid-crypto-app.

In addition, savedroid is at liberty to implement further security mechanisms in future (e.g. fingerprint), with which you can identify yourself. The prerequisite for the use of these security mechanisms is that these are supported by your smartphone.

4.4. Completion of the registration

By completing the registration you declare that you agree with these Conditions of Use and the contract is thus concluded between you and us.

5. Crypto-Saving

5.1. smooves
smooves are saving rules stipulated by the user in accordance with the “if then“ model, which act as a trigger for micro savings transactions. Various smoove types are offered in the savedroid-crypto-app, which can be stipulated and managed there by the user himself, e.g. can be activated, deactivated or changed. The micro savings transactions triggered off by smooves are aggregated in the savedroid-crypto-app until the minimum savings amount is achieved. The minimum savings amount is displayed in the savedroid-cryptoapp. Only when the minimum savings amount has been achieved or exceeded, will this accumulated savings amount be debited at the next possible time from the stipulated means of payment (cf. Subclause 5.3.) and transferred to savedroid for the subsequent exchange into virtual currencies. savedroid is at liberty to adjust the minimum savings amount with changes to the payment costs. In the event of an adjustment to the minimum savings amount the user will be exclusively informed hereof in the savedroid-crypto-app.

savedroid reserves the right to extend the offer of possible smoove types, which the user can stipulate in the savedroid-crypto-app, at all times without the user’s consent or to restrict this under the following prerequisites. Restrictions will only be carried out by savedroid if there are factually justified reasons for this; in particular if these are necessary or appropriate owing to statutory regulations or technical requirements, if services or data of third parties, which are necessary or to be involved for this purpose, are no longer available or only with a substantially higher amount of work or costs or, if substantial difficulties or malfunctions are determined in the practical application of such smooves, or the work for provision is no longer proportionate owing to low use.

5.2. Data entry

For the technical implementation of the smooves the savedroid-crypto-app partly accesses data of third party providers, e.g. the operating system of the mobile terminal device or data of applications of the user installed on the mobile terminal device (e.g. step counters, location services). You can find all further regulations in this respect in our privacy statement.

5.3. Stipulation of the means of payment

In order to use the Crypto-Saving you must stipulate one or more means of payment, via which the deposit and payout of the savings amounts (as Fiat money) are carried out. For this purpose you will select the possible options in the savedroid-crypto-app and deposit the required data.

You authorize savedroid to debit the savings amounts triggered off by means of smooves or one-off transactions via the means of payment stipulated by you (“direct debit mandate“). You will in particular permit savedroid, after your initial confirmation of the money transfer possibility via the savedroid-cryptoapp, to debit the respective savings amounts automatically in various amounts and without your renewed consent. You can revoke the direct debit mandate at all times without stating any reasons by means of e-mail to helpdesk@savedroid.com or via the savedroid customer service. If you do not grant any direct debit mandate to savedroid or if you withdraw this, savedroid is not in the position to provide its services. In this case savedroid shall also be entitled to end the use pursuant to Subclause 11.2. by setting a deadline.

savedroid will inform you about all executed transactions (deposits and payouts) in the savedroid-crypto-app. savedroid will carry out or process these transactions as fast as allowed by the respective payment processes and involved financial networks and players. Delays may occur hereby, for which savedroid is not responsible (e.g. several days up to two weeks may pass between the debit of the savings amount from your means of payment until its receipt by us).

The maximum aggregated savings amount, which can be exchanged into virtual currencies via the savedroid-crypto-app, will be displayed to the user in the app.

5.4. Selection of the virtual currencies

For each savings target (”Wish“) you set in the savedroid-crypto-app, you can specify in the savedroid-crypto-app into which of the available virtual currencies the savings amount for this savings target is to be exchanged (pro rata). savedroid will then carry out the exchange exactly as you specify.

Alternatively, you can also take over a proposal of savedroid, into which virtual currencies your savings amounts are to be exchanged (pro rata). This proposal is updated regularly by savedroid, usually weekly, and is displayed to you in the savedroid-crypto-app. The proposal is created by savedroid by using artificial intelligence, in particular by taking correlations between the price changes of various virtual currencies into consideration. However, such proposals do not take your personal circumstances into consideration and are equally directed at all users of the savedroid-crypto-app. They are, therefore, in no way to be understood as a personal recommendation or investment advice for you.

The selection of the virtual currencies, into which your savings amounts are to be exchanged (pro rata), is therefore solely your decision and is exclusively carried out at your risk. In this context savedroid explicitly refers to the risks explained in more detail in Subclause 13.3., which are associated with the purchase of virtual currencies, as well as the liability restriction of savedroid contained therein.

5.5. Execution of the crypto exchanges

In order to exchange your savings amounts into virtual currencies savedroid sells you the corresponding virtual currencies from its own stocks. For this purpose, savedroid will, if applicable, purchase virtual currencies on the market or from other third parties itself.

Each time, after the minimum savings amount has been exceeded, the accumulated savings amount has been debited from your means of payment and this has been received by savedroid, you will receive a message in the savedroid-crypto-app regarding the exchange modalities with the following information:

- accumulated savings amount already charged to your means of payment,

- the virtual currencies and, if applicable, their distribution, into which or to which the savings amount will be exchanged pursuant to your settings, - exchange rate of the virtual currencies that are to be exchanged, and - the fees incurred for the exchange.

After transmission of the message regarding the exchange modalities you have the possibility in the app to object to the exchange of the already debited savings amount within four (4) hours . In the event of such a timely objection the exchange will not be carried out and the already debited savings amount minus accruing fees will be credited back to the means of payment stipulated by you.

If you do not file any such objection the exchange will be carried out in accordance with the distribution chosen by you after expiry of the period for revocation of four (4) hours and savedroid will sell you the corresponding virtual currencies from its own stocks. The exchange rate communicated according to the notification in the app shall principally apply as the sales price or exchange rate for the exchange of the savings amount into virtual currencies by savedroid. However, this with the condition that the effectively applied exchange rate may deviate from the rate communicated in the app downwards as well as upwards up to 10%, depending on and in line with the exchange rate at which the virtual currencies required for the exchange must or can be procured by savedroid on the market or from other third parties .

In order to exchange the virtual currencies back into Fiat money savedroid shall repurchase the virtual currencies from you. The amount communicated in the app during the payout process shall principally apply as the purchase price or exchange rate. However, this with the condition that the effectively applied exchange rate may deviate from the rate communicated in the app downwards as well as upwards up to 10%, depending on and in line with the exchange rate at which the virtual currencies required for the exchange must or can be sold by savedroid on the market or from other third parties .

savedroid is not obliged to sell you a virtual currency or to repurchase it from you, if - for reasons, for which savedroid is not responsible - a purchase or a sale of the respective virtual currency on the market or at other third parties for savedroid itself is impossible or is only possible by accepting serious financial disadvantages . This is, in particular, the case if the Blockchain on which the virtual currency is based, has failed or is overloaded, a Hard Fork was carried out and it is unclear which variant you would like to buy or sell, or if there are substantial market distortions owing to an exceptional market situation. In such a case the debited savings amount will be exchanged at the next possible time or, in the event of an exchange back, this will be carried out at the next possible time, or we will coordinate the further procedure with you.

5.6. Crypto-Saving-Wallets
savedroid will hold your virtual currencies in safekeeping for you through the savedroid Crypto-Saving-Wallets. In the Crypto-Saving-Wallets the public and private keys are stored with which a virtual currency can be received or spent. A Crypto-Saving-Wallet can contain several public and private key pairs. The virtual currency itself is not in the Crypto-Saving-Wallet, but is stored and managed decentralized in a publicly accessible directory with the name Blockchain. Each part of a virtual currency has an own private key. With the private key it is possible to sign a transaction digitally and to write it in the publicly accessible Blockchain directory, through which the associated virtual currency is effectively transferred, i.e. is sent or received. In order to protect the private keys, savedroid will store the virtual currencies by using Best Practices, e.g. in a hardware Wallet or a Multi-Sig-Wallet.

Virtual currencies of other users are also held in safekeeping via the savedroid Crypto-Saving-Wallets. By a corresponding database and internal bookkeeping an impeccable allocation of the virtual currencies to the respective user is guaranteed at all times.

savedroid may, under no circumstances, dispose over the virtual currencies held in safekeeping for you, for its own benefit. Each disposal over your virtual currencies is exclusively carried out owing to and according to your instructions, which you issue savedroid via the savedroid-crypto-app. The transfer from one Wallet of savedroid into another Wallet of savedroid shall, however, not represent a disposal.

5.7. Right of lien on your virtual currencies, prohibition of pledge and assignment

In order to secure all of your obligations towards savedroid from this contractual relationship, in particular for outstanding fees and claims for damages, you grant savedroid a right of lien on all of your virtual currencies held in safekeeping by savedroid in the Crypto-Saving-Wallets. In case of default on your part, savedroid is entitled to a discretionary realization of the pledged assets, e.g. by private sale on the free market. In the course of such a realization savedroid is also authorized to purchase the respective assets in its own name. You waive your right to pledge or assign your virtual currencies held in safekeeping in the Crypto-Saving-Wallets to third parties.

5.8. Overview of accounts

You can view the current value of your saved virtual currencies and all transactions in the savedroid-crypto-app. The data, which are necessary for this purpose, will be partly made available by third parties.

In the event of transmission errors or incorrect display of the values in the app for other reasons, in particular as a result of IT errors, etc., only the values of the internal bookkeeping and the databases of savedroid are legally binding. In such cases savedroid is obliged, upon request, to provide a comprehensible rendering of accounts with the actual values.

6. Fees and mode of payment

6.1. Fees

The fees owed by you towards savedroid for the services, plus, if applicable, value added tax, are laid down in the list of prices and services.

savedroid reserves the right to adjust the fees in the following cases without the approval of the user: changes in payment costs, changes in the inflation rate, changes in the competitive situation or market prices, changes in technical or administrative efforts due to changed regulatory requirements. You will be notified of any changes in writing (by e-mail or via the savedroid-crypto-app). The regulations in Subclause 10. shall apply.

6.2. Payment by SVDs

The payment of the due fees, shown in EUR / Fiat money can only be carried out by redeeming SVDs .

SVDs are service vouchers, which were sold by savedroid AG, Germany between 12 January and 9 March 2018 under the name savedroid Token within the scope of the so-called “Initial Token Sales”. The rights and obligations towards savedroid AG, Germany, which the end consumers have acquired with the purchase of SVDs, are regulated in the Token Sale Terms & Conditions in the version of 3 March 2018.

To redeem SVD, the contract must be taken over by savedroid instead of savedroid AG, Germany. For the SVDs envisaged for the redemption savedroid shall enter into all rights and obligations of savedroid AG, Germany from the contractual relationship with the app user in connection with the SVDs. In order for the contract take-over to become effective it is necessary for you to grant your consent hereto in the app.

6.3. Use of own SVDs

Insofar as you already have SVDs or you would like to acquire such on the market or from third parties yourself, you can place your SVDs into your user account in the savedroid-crypto-app; these will then be held in safekeeping in a Wallet of savedroid for you and for your account (“ SVD balance“). You can request the status of your SVD balance as well as its value in Fiat money according to the current exchange rate at all times via the savedroid-crypto-app.

As long as there are a sufficient number of SVDs on your user account, the due fees will automatically be settled from your SVD balance. For this purpose, each time a fee amount is due, SVDs corresponding to the due fee amount will be debited at the current exchange rate published on coinmarketcap.com and will be transferred to savedroid .

You can transfer the SVD balance to another Wallet again at all times via the app so that your SVDs will no longer be used for the settlement of the fees of the savedroid-crypto-app.

6.4. Acquisition of SVDs via savedroid

If you have no (sufficient) SVD balance, savedroid will automatically procure a sufficient number of SVDs for you each time when a fee amount is due; this either by a direct sale of SVDs by savedroid or in the manner that savedroid, on your behalf and for your account, acquires SVDs for you on the market, on crypto stock exchanges or from other third parties. In both cases, the purchase price of the SVDs will be exactly the same as the amount due in Fiat money, which will then be debited from your means of payment when you purchase the SVDs.

You authorize savedroid to choose at its own discretion, which variant will be pursued for the acquisition of the SVDs and, if applicable, which crypto stock exchange will be used or from which other third party SVDs will be acquired for you.

For this purpose, you commission savedroid and grant savedroid an unlimited power of attorney, valid until your revocation, to acquire the number of SVDs on crypto stock exchanges or from other third parties on your account that is required to settle the fee each time the fee is due . The power of attorney shall also comprise the authorization to grant sub-powers of attorney to providers and vicarious agents, which are necessary within the scope of the purchase from crypto stock exchanges.

You can revoke the power of attorney and continue it again at all times by email to helpdesk@savedroid.com or change the settings in the savedroidcrypto-app where applicable.

7. Obligations of the user

7.1. Technical prerequisites for the savedroid-crypto-app

You must create the prerequisites that are necessary for using the app yourself, for example a technically suitable mobile terminal device for using the savedroid-crypto-app as well as an internet connection. Separate costs may be incurred to you hereby.

7.2. Availability of the user

We will inform you about important events, reminders, safety instructions, account information etc. via e-mail. It is your responsibility to ensure that the email address deposited in the savedroid-crypto-app functions properly and that the messages shall be received by you. It may, among others, occur that messages land in the Spam or similar folders. As we do not receive information to which folder our e-mails land, it is your responsibility to regularly check your Spam folder and to ensure that e-mails from savedroid are not classified as Spam, e.g. by adding the savedroid e-mail addresses in your address book of the e-mail provider or marking these as safe. We do not assume any responsibility for messages, which are not received, and the consequences resulting thereof.

7.3. Private personal use only

We grant private persons, who are not entitled to the deduction of input tax, for the purpose of own requirements a right of use of the savedroid-crypto-app and its personal, non-commercial use.

7.4. Security measures

You are obliged to keep the access data to your user account including the PIN chosen by you or the selected security features secret and to store these securely against access by third parties.

7.5. Obligations under money laundering law

You are obliged to make the information and documents available to savedroid, upon request, which are necessary to fulfil its obligations under money laundering law according to the SPG and to report any changes which arise over the course of the contractual relationship without delay.

7.6. General obligations

Within the scope of the use of the savedroid-crypto-app you are forbidden from breaching these Conditions of Use and/or applicable law as well as rights of third parties.

If you breach Subclause 7.4 or 7.5. you are obliged to indemnify savedroid from possible claims of third parties against you. Besides judicial and non-judicial costs within the scope of disputes under civil law this shall also cover fines, administrative fines or other costs, which are associated with criminal prosecution.

In the event of a use contrary to the stipulations in Subclause 7. savedroid is entitled to temporarily or permanently block your user account. A breach of your obligations from Subclause 7. shall constitute good cause, which shall entitle savedroid to termination without notice pursuant to Subclause 11.3.. If your user account is blocked permanently, you will be permanently excluded from the use of the savedroid-crypto-app and no longer entitled to register once again.

8. Availability

The savedroid-crypto-app and the functions and services provided therein will be made available to you as they are available. savedroid shall make an effort to provide the services described under Subclause 3. interruption-free as far as possible. The availability of the functions and services is oriented hereby to the technical and operational possibilities. Maintenance and service work may lead to a temporary failure. Such a failure owing to maintenance and services shall not be deemed an impairment of the availability. savedroid will make an effort to reasonably announce a non-availability of the savedroid-crypto-app and individual functionalities in advance. The basic prerequisite for the availability of the savedroid-crypto-app and its security is that you use a terminal device, the operating system of which and/or system settings were not modified or changed contrary to the stipulations of the device manufacturer (e.g.

“Jailbreaking”, “Rooting”).

9. Customer service and contact

You can make enquiries regarding the use of the savedroid-crypto-app as well as the execution of money transfers respectively transactions at the savedroid customer service at all times. You can reach the savedroid customer service through the following contact possibilities: Per e-mail to: helpdesk@savedroid.com

10. Change in the Conditions of Use

savedroid reserves the right to change these Conditions of Use with a period of notice of six (6) weeks in advance. Insofar as this relates to essential changes to Subclauses 5.1., 5.3., 5.4., 5.5. and 5.6. as well as 6.1., 6.2., 6.3. and 6.4., this is only possible with the explicit consent of the user, unless otherwise ordered in these provisions. savedroid will announce the respective change via the primary contact medium selected by you. If no explicit consent is required, it will be explicitly pointed out to you in the announcement that the respective change will become an object of the contract existing between you and savedroid, if you do not object to this change within a deadline of six (6) weeks from the announcement of the change by means of e-mail to helpdesk@savedroid.com. The sending of the objection in time is sufficient in order to adhere to the deadline. If you object within this deadline, the Conditions of Use shall continue to apply unchanged. If you object to the change, each party has the right to terminate the contract with a period of notice of six (6) weeks in writing or per e-mail.

11. Termination of the contract, closing of the user account

11.1. Termination of the contract by you

You can end the use of the savedroid-crypto-app at all times by closing your user account. You can apply for the closure per e-mail to helpdesk@savedroid.com or via the function provided in the app, if this is available. savedroid will close the user account promptly.

11.2. Termination of the contract by savedroid by setting a deadline savedroid is entitled to close your user account after prior announcement with a period of notice of three (3) months. savedroid is entitled to terminate your

user account after prior announcement with a period of notice of six (6) weeks, if

a) savedroid discontinues the operation in the country of the respective user;

b) savedroid changes the offered payment possibilities and you object to this change,

c) you withdraw your direct debit mandate pursuant to Subclause 5.3., or

d) you cause more than one chargeback per calendar year.

In case of a misuse of the savedroid-crypto-app and/or the provided payment possibilities by you savedroid is also entitled, after previously setting a reasonable deadline, to carry out the closure with a shorter deadline.

11.3. Termination of the contract by savedroid without setting a deadline savedroid is entitled to close your user account without a prior period of notice, if

a) savedroid must satisfy regulatory requirements, which require the immediate closing of the user account, or

b) savedroid considers it necessary to close the account owing to risk considerations,

c) other legally recognized reasons exist for a unilateral termination of the contract without notice.

11.4. Other regulations relating to the termination

With the closing of the user account the functions and services made available by savedroid will be discontinued towards the user. Possibly existing savings amounts will, at the discretion of savedroid, either be exchanged and repaid to you or transferred to you in the respective virtual currency . Fees incurred hereby are to be borne by you. You can transfer your SVD balance to you, e.g. via a crypto stock exchange, however there is no claim for the exchange of the SVD into Fiat money.

12. Right of Withdrawal

12.1. No Right of Withdrawal

The virtual currencies changed or sold by savedroid pursuant to Subclause 5.5. are subject to price and exchange rate fluctuations, which is why you have no right to revoke the contract pursuant to Art. 10 lit. a) of the Liechtenstein Distance Financial Services Act (German: “Fern-Finanzdienstleistungs-Gesetz”, LGBl. 2005/36 in the valid version, hereinafter “FernFinG“) or Art. 6 Para. 2 lit. a) of the Directive 2002/65/EC of the European Parliament and the Council of 23.09.2002 (“Distance Financial Services Directive“).

However, before granting the direct debit mandate pursuant to Section 5.3, you can close your user account at any time pursuant to Subclause 11.1 and thereby terminate the contract with savedroid and the use of the savedroid-crypto-app without any costs being incurred to you hereby.

12.2. Immediate exchange, user options for protection against unthought debits or exchanges

With the granting of the direct debit mandate pursuant to Subclause 5.3. you explicitly agree in the savedroid-crypto-app that, after the receipt of accumulated savings amounts by savedroid after a debit from your means of payment, these amounts will be immediately exchanged into virtual currencies pursuant to Subclause 5.5 .

However, in the savedroid-crypto-app you can choose settings that accumulated savings amounts should not be converted into virtual currencies in accordance with section 5.5 until a waiting period of at least 14 days has elapsed since your means of payment has been debited. During this waiting period, you can delete the planned exchange of the accumulated savings amounts in the savedroidcrypto-app - these and the therein included micro savings transactions are then irrevocably removed from the savedroid-crypto-app and the savings amount already debited minus accrued fees will be credited back to the means of payment you have stipulated.

An already completed exchange of Fiat money into virtual currencies can under no circumstances be revoked or undone.

13. Liability

13.1. General liability regulations savedroid shall be liable towards you within the scope of the use of the savedroid-crypto-app for culpably inflicted personal injuries to an unlimited extent. For financial losses culpably inflicted upon you savedroid will be liable with the exceptions and restrictions stipulated below and in the following Subclauses.

In case of simple negligence savedroid is, in any case, only liable for the breach of essential contractual obligations and the liability is limited to the amount of the foreseeable damages, the occurrence of which typically has to be expected with contracts of this type . Such essential contractual obligations in the aforementioned meaning are obligations which are essential for the achievement of the contractual purpose or the fulfilment of which enables the proper execution of the contract at all and on the compliance with which you may regularly rely. The foreseeable damage, typical for the contract, is the damage, which is under usual circumstances related to the cause of the damage and the type of the contract.

savedroid is not liable in case of force majeure. Force majeure includes all circumstances and events, which are beyond the scope of responsibility of savedroid, such as e.g. strikes, lock-out, natural events, disasters, official intervention, statutory prohibitions or other events owing to which savedroid is impeded in its services without it being its fault.

13.2. Your responsibility to ensure the accuracy and completeness of your details

You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your details, in particular with regard to details concerning name, address and bank details.

savedroid is not liable, if – owing to incorrect or incomplete declaration of details by you – a contract is not concluded, you do not actually receive declarations from savedroid or services cannot be provided by savedroid or are provided incorrectly.

13.3. No liability for fluctuations in rates of virtual currencies

The prices or exchange rates of virtual currencies are subject to continuous and substantial fluctuations, e.g. owing to announced legislative proposals, governmental restrictions, news in connection with cyber crime or other factors, which possibly cause excessive enthusiasm on the markets or a disproportionately high loss of trust. Prices of virtual currencies can moreover be manipulated. The value of your saved virtual currencies can therefore suddenly increase sharply or also fall to a large extent, up to a value of nil.

Virtual currencies as well as crypto stock exchanges, on which virtual currencies are traded, are not subject to any state supervision and are not regulated. In particular, in the event of interruption of operations of such crypto stock exchanges or the Blockchain, on which a virtual currency is based, there is the risk that an exchange into or exchange back of virtual currencies into Fiat money will not be carried out or only carried out with a substantial time delay (cf. Subclause 5.5. last paragraph) and during which the exchange rates can fluctuate substantially.

Your savedroid user account and your virtual currencies stored by savedroid in Crypto-Saving-Wallets are not protected in any of the places of jurisdiction of savedroid by the corresponding Deposit Guarantee or Investment Compensation Schemes.

savedroid is not liable for the damages suffered by you in connection with rate fluctuations of virtual currencies, unless these damages are a result of gross negligence, willful intent or of the non-compliance with applicable laws.

13.4. No liability for Blockchain networks

The conclusion of certain transactions in connection with virtual currencies on Blockchain networks can be postponed for a certain period of time, until a sufficient number of confirmations have been received. A transaction of virtual currencies, as well as of SVDs, will therefore under certain circumstances not be displayed in your savedroid account, until a sufficient number of confirmations has been received and was confirmed by savedroid. There is, moreover, the possibility that transactions in Blockchain networks are aborted or that Blocks remain unconfirmed. In addition, transactions of virtual currencies are possibly not capable of being reversed.

savedroid is not liable for the damages suffered by you, which result from nonconcluded transactions or transactions, which were not concluded in time or were concluded inaccurately via a Blockchain network.

13.5. No liability in case of loss or forwarding of the access data to third parties or joint use of the savedroid-crypto-app

savedroid is not liable for losses, which are suffered by the user by the fact that he uses the app together with third parties or enables third parties to have access to the savedroid-crypto-app, e.g. through the loss or forwarding of his access data to his user account, including the PIN or the selected security features (cf. Subclause 7.4). Excluded from this are damages, which were cocaused by savedroid due to gross negligence or willful intent.

13.6. Limited liability for savedroid Crypto-Saving-Wallets
savedroid is only liable for the loss, theft, etc. of your virtual currencies, which are held in safekeeping by savedroid in the Crypto-Saving-Wallets, in the event of culpable misconduct or a culpable breach of duties of care regarding the safekeeping of your virtual currencies in the Crypto-Saving-Wallets. If savedroid has taken all measures according to the Best Practices for the protection of your virtual currencies or the relating personal key and if, nevertheless, a theft, loss, etc. occurs savedroid will not be liable for thus resulting damages.

13.7. No liability for the execution of smooves

The user is solely responsible for the correct stipulation and activation of smooves in line with his ideas or the possibilities for configuration available in the savedroid-crypto-app. savedroid is not liable for smooves, which are stipulated by the user by mistake or deficiently. savedroid is not liable for damages, which are caused by the fact that a smoove or the therewith associated micro savings transaction is carried out deficiently or not carried out at all. The user has no claim for reversal of the transaction triggered off by smooves.

13.8. No liability for the use of data made available by third parties
savedroid does not assume any liability for damages, which are caused by the fact that data of third party providers, which savedroid uses to provide services, are faulty. This shall in particular relate to the data read out from third party providers, which lead to the execution of a smoove, as well as the exchange rates and further data for virtual currencies provided by third parties. You can find more detailed information in this respect in our privacy statement.

14. Data protection

Details relating to data protection and the use of your personal data by savedroid can be found in the privacy statement.

15. Dispute resolution procedure

We are willing to take part in the dispute resolution procedure before one of the following consumer conciliation boards:

Amt für Volkswirtschaft


Poststrasse 1

P. O. Box 684

LI - 9494 Schaan Liechtenstein

The European Commission makes a platform available for the online dispute resolution, which you can find under www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr .

16. Final provisions

Should individual clauses of these Conditions of Use be or become invalid or ineffective in full or in part, this shall have no effect on the validity of the other provisions.

The law of the Principality of Liechtenstein shall apply under the exclusion of its conflict of law rules and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Vaduz, Principality of Liechtenstein.


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