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All fees stated in our fee schedule are quoted in EUR and will be charged in SVD. The exchange rate for the conversion of EUR to SVD is the average exchange rate as released on coinmarketcap.com on the day on which the fees are due.

Transaction fees:

• 3 % on the transaction volume (applicable for all exchanges from fiat to virtual currencies, virtual currencies to fiat and virtual currency to virtual currency)

Other fees:

• Payout fee: 10 € per withdrawal / per reversed pay-in

• Transaction cancellation fee: 50 € per case

• Credit card investigation fee: 20 € per case

• Credit card dispute handling fee: 30 € per case

• Fraudulent KYC documents: 50 € per case (applicable for every instance in which a customer in a fraudulent intention provides false or misleading information such as faked ID documents, photos, proofs of address etc.)


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