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General Questions

An overview of the most important questions.

  • What’s the savedroid-crypto-app?

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    What’s the savedroid-crypto-app?

    The savedroid-crypto-app is a mobile app designed to help you save in cryptocurrency. It works by setting your “Wishes” and coupling these with money-saving actions called “Smooves”. When you’ve reached your goal, just redeem your savings to turn your Wish into reality!

    We also offer an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based portfolio that studies, assesses and suggests the best allocation of your savings across different cryptocurrencies. Of course you can also manually set your desired allocation—we’ve got you covered no matter your level of experience in crypto.

    If you like an easy way to save in virtual currencies - it can be as easy as saving every time Donald Trump tweets! -, have a daredevil spirit in investing, and like the ‘set-and-forget until maturity date’ approach, then this app is definitely for you.

  • What are “Wishes”?

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    What are “Wishes”?

    We all have Wishes—and some of them you can buy with money, like a trip to the Bahamas, a new car, a shopping spree, or whatever you desire. Just use our app to give your Wishes a name, add the expected costs and timeline, and start saving for them through Smooves. Once you’ve reached your savings goal, simply payout and use the funds to turn your Wish into reality.

  • Is there a limit to the “Wishes”?

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    Is there a limit to the “Wishes”?

    Nope! We don’t want you stop dreaming. You can set as many Wishes as you’d like in the app.

  • What are “Smooves”?

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    What are “Smooves”?

    “Smoove” is short for “smart saving move”. These are actions available in the app that you set-up following ‘if-then’ logic, and will trigger your money-saving. Ideally, your Smooves are connected to your Wishes, so they can dedicatedly save for your goals.

    For example, Smooves can be “if I walk less than 2,000 steps today, then the app saves 5€ for my trip to the Bahamas”, or “every time Donald Trump tweets, the app saves 0.15€ for my new car”. Pretty neat, right?

  • Is there a limit to the “Smooves”?

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    Is there a limit to the “Smooves”?

    The sky is the limit! You can make as many Smooves as you want, just make sure they’re assigned to a Wish.

  • Can I make my own Smoove that’s not on the already existing options?

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    Can I make my own Smoove that’s not on the already existing options?

    At the moment we only offer pre-defined sets of Smooves—but we’re open to suggestions! If you have a cool idea for a new Smoove or how we can expand on the available ones, send us a message at helpdesk@savedroid.com and our team will look into it as we further improve the app.

  • Am I getting paid to fulfill the Smooves? How does the saving work?

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    Am I getting paid to fulfill the Smooves? How does the saving work?

    No, you won’t get paid to fulfill your Smooves - at least not by us. The app works by taking funds from your connected credit card, and converting it to cryptocurrency based on your savings preferences. Think of it as diversifying your savings and expanding into crypto, with actions you probably already do every day!

  • I can’t access my account. Help!

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    I can’t access my account. Help!

    Got locked out of your account, forgot your PIN, or simply can’t login successfully? Don’t worry! Contact us at helpdesk@savedroid.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to get it resolved.

  • How can I delete my account?

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    How can I delete my account?

    Deleting your account is permanent and cannot be undone. If you’re sure you want to delete your account, contact us at helpdesk@savedroid.com.

  • Where can I download the app?

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    Where can I download the app?

    Visit our website: https://savedroid.page.link/crypto-app to download the app or do it directly here:

    Apple Store - savedroid.com/cryptoios
    Play Store - savedroid.com/cryptoandroid

  • How else can I contact you?

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