Stefan Rusu

Hello ladies and gents my name is Stephen, and welcome to a little sneak peek into my Story. I am what people would usually call a Jack of All Trades, being proficient in photography, videos, music, and many more things that you will have to dare yourself to find out. I might seem quite a mystery sometimes to people, with my sly remarks and silent sarcasm that floats around the office sometimes. But do not get me wrong, I am a simple man, with simple needs and simple requests, as I do enjoy to go out and party, play basketball, tennis, biking even playing video games. I am quite a thrill seeker and always looking for challenges, and that would might make me seem a bit tough, but truth be told, I have quite a soft spot for animals, especially dogs, and I tend to melt like a marshmallow around them. Other than that, stay around and enjoy the show!

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