Stefan Rusu

Hello ladies and gents my name is Stephen, and welcome to a little sneak peek into my Story. I am what people would usually call a Jack of All Trades, being proficient in photography, videos, music, and many more things that you will have to dare yourself to find out. I worked in social media almost all my life, from working as a Top Support Specialist for Sprint the Mobile Network Provider in the USA to working as a Core QA Live Monitoring Expert for Electronic Arts, extended experience on Social Communities as an Administrator and Forum Moderator and Owner. I am also an upcoming musician and professional gamer, being very experienced in Streaming, and creating Content for Twitch and Youtube. I am a photographer and video director, being mentored by several film and cinematography directors from the University of cinematography and film in Bucharest, being one of the most esteemed Film Universities in the world. I worked with different famous singers and bands in Romania, I have a tight grip on everything in entertainment and being very proficient in every possible art category that is out there. Since I was a child I had a keen eye for details and angles, So I have a good grip on noticing things that usually people overlook. In my free time, I enjoy any kind of extreme sport, seeking challenges every time, writing and of course creating content for my Twitch and YouTube Channel.


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