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Fabian Keller

Fabian is an experienced professional with proven success as strategy consultant and on-staff leader in diverse array of start-up and established global business environments. He brings along an extensive background in finance, project management and marketing. Throughout his 27 year of professional experience, Fabian proved his strong ability to build and lead teams that meet and exceed designated goals and expectations. Fabian’s career milestones include Andersen Consulting, Time Warner and Publicis. Over the last years he served as CEO/CFO of HNW family offices dealing with constant change, building and managing deal flow as well as owned and controlled start-ups and aligning with the interest of various institutional co-investors. In his private time Fabian spends most of his weekends on judo tournaments throughout Europe with his two sons Adrian and Aaron Keller and serves in various honorary activities supporting the community. Judo, diving, cooking, tennis and chemistry are further passions.

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