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About savedroid

savedroid exists to bring personal piggy bank savings into the modern world. We’re reshaping the experience of savings and cryptocurrencies, making the process simple, smart, and fun.

At savedroid we live and breathe innovation. We champion those who dare to dream, and we want to empower you to achieve your dreams.

The S-Team

Amber Paslam
Customer Service Agent

Alongside doing my Bachelors degree in Mathematics from Kingston University of London, I enjoyed working part time as an German Customer service Agent for Disney. The satisfaction that comes after helping the customers, motivates me to do my job even better. Beside customer service, I also enjoy working with numbers. In my free time, I like solving numerical questions and help my husband with his legal tax consultation work. I also give him a hand with editing his videos on Adobe premier pro, After effects and Photoshop.

Christian Lang

Mr. Lang initially worked for the auditing company KPMG before he accompanied SCM Microsystems Inc. from the start-up through several venture capital financing rounds to the IPO on Nasdaq and the Neuer Markt as CFO Europe. He then moved as CFO Germany to the Nasdaq-listed US software company Verint Systems Inc. Afterwards, Mr. Lang held several CFO positions in international companies in various industries.

Christian Knitterscheidt
COO, Luxembourg S.A.

Christian Knitterscheidt is an IT expert with 15 years of work experience in the financial centers of Zurich, Singapore and Luxembourg. He combines a technical education with a business degree and worked in interface positions between technology and business, especially in product management. After years of consulting customers in the financial sector does he have a background in business process automation and digitalization. He has a proven track record to build up international teams and the hands-on set up of new businesses. He joined savedroid Luxembourg S.A. as COO to build up the latest and greatest FinTech in the Grand Duchy.

Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolic
CDO, Head of AI
Florian Schreiber
Creative Director

Florian studied Visual Communication and is the creative guy at savedroid. In his former life he has been working for leading advertising agencies. He has been responsible for the development of integrated communication and design for major national and international brands in all kinds of industries as consumer goods, automotive, financial and IT. He believes in good design, the power of ideas and user centricity. When he is not in the office, you will find Florian in a museum, trying to understand modern art, in his garage tampering with his old motorbike or in the kitchen, carrying the wooden spoon for his family.

Dr. Gautam Kumar Paramanik
Senior Data Scientist

Jiaxin Yang
HR and Finance Specialist

I was living a normal life in China until I decided to move to Mainz. I’m cautious at work but adventurous in life. I’m a little bit OCD but a laid-back lifestyle is truly my tag. I Love winter more than summer, love to watch LoL games rather than playing it.  Crime and deductive TV series are really my type. I have so many interests that I always find the world fascinating.

Joachim V. Brockmann
Chief Growth Officer

Joachim brings more than 25 years experience as a global business leader in different leadership roles. He worked as a senior manager in the telecommunications industry at Deutsche Telekom AG and in the payment service industry at Lufthansa AirPlus and AirPlus International. He also gained experience in life style industry from his work at Goldwell AG. In the last months he worked as a business angel for several startups and startup organisations. Additionally to this he is a shareholder of the startup Real-Life-Interaction GmbH. He lived during his business live in Hongkong (China) and has a very International customer and business focus. Business wise his passion lies mainly on the market side with Marketing, Sales and Business Development. He is married and has one son. In his private live he is interested in sports, e.g. Basketball, Tennis, Soccer and Golf. Addtionally he spends time in different honorary appointments.

Lasna Kannadan
Web Developer

Hi, my name is Lasna and I am a Web Developer. I am in love with technology and I believe I will be learning and growing a lot as a developer during my time at savedroid. In my spare time I bake cakes and read books.

Leela Krishna
DevOps Engineer

Hello. I am Leela, working as a DevOps Engineer in Savedroid. I have an experience of 5+ years in IT. Apart from Technology, I am interested in public speaking (Toastmasters), social events (TED), Cycling and Running. I love to spend time with my friends and family.

Chief Pet Officer

Martina Albach
Community Manager

After raising her five children Martina started at the support of a browser game and then became a community manager. Customers are the most important part of a company, thus she sees customer support as the heart of the business. Additionally, bug hunting fascinates her and she has been a freelancer bug hunter for some time and is studying computer science to understand better how to catch bugs. When she leaves the computer she is with her family, plays viola or is looking for geocaches.

Chief Sniffer

Dr. Qiao Ge
Senior Data Scientist

Qiao is currently working as a Data Scientist at savedroid. Before joining savedroid, he was a Post Doctoral researcher at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems inETH Zurich, Switzerland. He got his PhD in Traffic Engineering from ETH Zurich in 2016.His interests include sensitivity analysis,microscopic simulations, as well as machine learning algorithms. He has first authored a number of scientific publications, especially in the area of sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification. He is also the recipient of several awards in his academic life, including one very prestigious Chinese Government Award.

Thom Poole
Chief Marketing Officer

Thom Poole has over 30 years international marketing experience with companies such as Google, eBay, O2, Black & Decker, etc. He is regarded as a pioneer of digital marketing and developed the first ever MSc in Digital  Marketing. He has also written many books on marketing and digital marketing.
Fun fact: he’s a former semi-professional footballer.

Thulasiram Toorpu
DevSecOps Engineer

I am a self motivated person interested in Sports and Technology. Have 5 years of experience in Banking and Finance domain with Devops and cloud infrastructure skills. I like to interact with different people and exchange the ideas and views. Friendly and easy to go with.

Tobias Zander
Founder & CTO

Tobias is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in software development and agile team leadership. Prior to the founding of savedroid AG, he was already CTO of Sitewards GmbH and formed there a development team that set standards in know-how, methods, training and quality assurance and thus always attracted the best developers. Tobias inspires worldwide as a speaker, writes for various magazines and blogs and has published several books.

Dr. Yassin Hankir
Founder & CEO

Yassin is an avid FinTech enthusiast and co-organizer of the FinTech Meetup Frankfurt. As a former McKinsey strategy adviser of international banks in Europe, in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and Dr. of finance, he firmly believes that the banking industry is facing a serious upheaval. With savedroid, he wants to do his part and finally create a user-centered offer which simplifies personal finances in the daily life and helps to conveniently save money for all non-finance nerds.


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