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About savedroid

savedroid exists to bring personal piggy bank savings into the modern world. We’re reshaping the experience of savings and cryptocurrencies, making the process simple, smart, and fun.

At savedroid we live and breathe innovation. We champion those who dare to dream, and we want to empower you to achieve your dreams.

The S-Team

Agnieszka Gornisiewicz
Corporate Marketing Manager

Southern Poland is where I come from. I study Linguistics with the focus on English and German language. I'm interested in sport, particulary in basketball and athletics. As a young and creative person, I enjoy working in the international environment and I'm always excited about new challenges.

Alexander Berkunov
Mobile Engineer

Alexander Berkunov is a mobile software developer He started working with mobile phones when iOS 3 was released, he has worked on numerous apps to hone his skills over the years. In his private live he is interested in sports, e.g. Volleyball, Football and rock music.

Arvan Halim
Web Development Intern

Hello my name is Arvan Halim, I am a student from Indonesia. I am here at savedroid for my internship, and I'm sure that I will experience a lot of new things here. My website skills are still very basic and I am willing to learn more about it. I usually play video games, play basketball, and hangout with my friends in my free time.

Data Scientist Intern

Namastey! I'm Ashish Prasad Sah, I have recently finished my master's in Computer Science from TU Darmstdat. At Savedroid, I work as an intern to further sharpen my skills in Data Science. I like exploratory data analysis as every data has some story to tell. When I am not working then most probably I'm following sports. Since, I'm a sports enthusiast following multiple sports such as football, tennis and cricket.

Carlo Bauer
Entrepreneurship Intern

I was born in Frankfurt but live in a small town not far north from Frankfurt. I just finished my bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics at Goethe Uni here in Frankfurt, where I focused mostly on marketing. In my free time I love to play guitar, go to concerts and I'm interested in watches and collecting them.

Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolic
CDO, Head of AI
Denise Karunungan
UX Designer

Denise is a UX and visual designer, brand strategist, and creative marketing geek with 10+ years of experience working in the games and tech, advertising, hospitality, and development sectors. Having lived in Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Middle East, and prone to frequent traveling, she is keen on understanding different cultures and their impact on UX, design, and communications. Restless as a storm, Denise is also passionate about studying new languages, gaming, practicing martial arts (Wing Tsun, BJJ, and Muay Thai) and taking baby steps to move outside her comfort zone.

Fabian Keller
Chief Financial Officer CFO

Fabian is an experienced professional with proven success as strategy consultant and on-staff leader in diverse array of start-up and established global business environments. He brings along an extensive background in finance, project management and marketing. Throughout his 27 year of professional experience, Fabian proved his strong ability to build and lead teams that meet and exceed designated goals and expectations. Fabian’s career milestones include Andersen Consulting, Time Warner and Publicis. Over the last years he served as CEO/CFO of HNW family offices dealing with constant change, building and managing deal flow as well as owned and controlled start-ups and aligning with the interest of various institutional co-investors. In his private time Fabian spends most of his weekends on judo tournaments throughout Europe with his two sons Adrian and Aaron Keller and serves in various honorary activities supporting the community. Judo, diving, cooking, tennis and chemistry are further passions.

Florian Schreiber
Creative Director

Florian studied Visual Communication and is the creative guy at savedroid. In his former life he has been working for leading advertising agencies. He has been responsible for the development of integrated communication and design for major national and international brands in all kinds of industries as consumer goods, automotive, financial and IT. He believes in good design, the power of ideas and user centricity. When he is not in the office, you will find Florian in a museum, trying to understand modern art, in his garage tampering with his old motorbike or in the kitchen, carrying the wooden spoon for his family.

Dr. Gautam Kumar Paramanik
Senior Data Scientist

Hang Nga Nguyen
Social Media Marketing Intern

I am an enthusiastic and energetic person. I enjoy traveling and learning to cope with different environments and cultures. I’m pursuing my bachelor degree in Business Administration at University of Applied Science Mainz. Studying abroad is my biggest challenge but it helps me to broaden my knowledge and network. I’ve been passionate about cooking since I was 12 and I love that my friends and family can also benefit from this passion of mine as well.

Inês Lebres
Head of Community Marketing

Inês (she doesn't mind if you forget the circumflex) built her entire career leading teams within Community Marketing departments. With a background in the games industry, she got herself immersed into crypto and blockchain over the last few years. Communication, collaboration and team work are key elements for her. "Live and let live" is her personal motto.

Jens Wirth
Community Manager

Once a part of the community himself, Jens officially took a role of the Community Manager for savedroid in December 2018. Being an experienced crypto enthusiast and understanding the needs of the community allowed Jens to turn his passion into a full-time job. Interacting with people of different personalities and taking on various tasks makes his job both exciting and challenging. What he likes most about crypto is that it gives people an opportunity to create something out of nothing and accomplish things that in the past were only available for the elite. In his private life, Jens is a husband, father of two daughters, bike and motorcycle rider, gardener and traveller with a thirst for adventure.

Nap Time Coordinator

Joachim V. Brockmann
Chief Growth Officer

Joachim brings more than 25 years experience as a global business leader in different leadership roles. He worked as a senior manager in the telecommunications industry at Deutsche Telekom AG and in the payment service industry at Lufthansa AirPlus and AirPlus International. He also gained experience in life style industry from his work at Goldwell AG. In the last months he worked as a business angel for several startups and startup organisations. Additionally to this he is a shareholder of the startup Real-Life-Interaction GmbH. He lived during his business live in Hongkong (China) and has a very International customer and business focus. Business wise his passion lies mainly on the market side with Marketing, Sales and Business Development. He is married and has one son. In his private live he is interested in sports, e.g. Basketball, Tennis, Soccer and Golf. Addtionally he spends time in different honorary appointments.

Chief Pet Officer

Maxim Malisciuc
Android Developer

Maxim is an Android Developer. Friends call him “Max”. He had studied Computer Science in Bucharest, Romania. His career started as a Game Developer, but later he discovered Android Development and fell in love with it. Maxim is passionate about science and programming, always tries to invest in self-development and improve both his technical and soft skills. He likes the saying: “As long as I live, so long do I learn”. In his free time Maxim he enjoys reading books, writing articles, cook, watch movies and travel.

Michael Ryvlin
Product Owner & Senior Backend Developer

Michael is our backend developer from the beginning and responsible for the entire backend of the app and the server and security structure. At noon, he invites you to accompany him on a walk with Jewa through Bornheim and then to share a fun with Crazy Gibbon sharpened lunch. Before working at savedroid, he spent a long time in the e-commerce environment.

Michael Dröge

Michael has more then 20 years experience in trading currencys and commoditys for several Investment Banks and is an expert in risk management. He has been working in Singapore, New York and lately for Credit Suisse in Switzerland. Beside Capital markest his big passion is investing in Startups. Through his investment in 360T, he gaind experience and expanded his portfolio amongst others like Orderbird and CRX Markets. Family is another very important part of Mike's life. He loves exploring the world with his wife and the 2 kids. His favourite sport's are running and tennis. Last but not least he is cheering for the local team Eintracht Frankfurt.

Chief Sniffer

Nathalia Rocha
Legal Intern

Nathalia is our Legal Intern, totally self-motivated and intellectually curious about law and artificial intelligence. At the moment, she is working on her master thesis in legal theory and learning new languages and cultures. As a passionate to “people connection”, free time for her means time with family and friends.

Paige MacWilliam
HR Recruiter Intern

Hello! My name's Paige. I'm a Canadian studying business here in Germany and I am excited to join the savedroid team as their first HR Recruiter Intern. I love learning and believe everyone should step outside their comfort zone once in a while! After all, you never know what new passion is waiting to be discovered!

Patrick Täufer
iOS Developer

Patrick is an iOS developer at savedroid and makes sure that the iOS version will be functioning to all Apple users. After completing his studies as a computer scientist and his Media Informatics degree, Patrick spent almost 5 years in an agency and consulting. In addition to his job at savedroid he travels a lot and is a passionate serial fan. If he also finds some time he tries to do sports and devotes himself to some private app projects.

Philipp Petruschke
Head of Business Development

Philipp is a business developer by heart, passionate about developing and implementing new and innovative ideas and business models. He likes the diversity of issues that arise when doing that. Yet, he even more likes to solve those issues together with a strong and motivated team. With a backgrund in mechanical engineering and business administration he has worked to support renewable energies in replacing fossil fuels, to introduce drones to enable predictive maintenance and is now helping cryptocurrencies to become available to the masses.

Dr. Qiao Ge
Senior Data Scientist

Qiao is currently working as a Data Scientist at savedroid. Before joining savedroid, he was a Post Doctoral researcher at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems inETH Zurich, Switzerland. He got his PhD in Traffic Engineering from ETH Zurich in 2016.His interests include sensitivity analysis,microscopic simulations, as well as machine learning algorithms. He has first authored a number of scientific publications, especially in the area of sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification. He is also the recipient of several awards in his academic life, including one very prestigious Chinese Government Award.

Rodolfo Oliveira

A Rod a day keeps the bad marketing away.

Chief Morale Officer

Thulasiram Toorpu
DevSecOps Engineer

I am a self motivated person interested in Sports and Technology. Have 5 years of experience in Banking and Finance domain with Devops and cloud infrastructure skills. I like to interact with different people and exchange the ideas and views. Friendly and easy to go with.

Tobby Kuyinu
Software Engineer

Tobby is a Software Engineer with a background in digital marketing and e-Commerce and keen on exploring more spaces. He enjoys working on all things architecture, infrastructure, backend and building new, cool features.

Tobias Zander
Founder & CTO

Tobias is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in software development and agile team leadership. Prior to the founding of savedroid AG, he was already CTO of Sitewards GmbH and formed there a development team that set standards in know-how, methods, training and quality assurance and thus always attracted the best developers. Tobias inspires worldwide as a speaker, writes for various magazines and blogs and has published several books.

Tomek Kabarowski
Chief Product Officer

Tomek is an experienced IT manager, specializing in cryptocurrencies from both technical and functional perspective. Before joining savedroid, Tomek was a C-level manager of several Fintech startups and developed major Polish OTC crypto exchange - kantorbitcoin.pl. Tomek is passionate about artificial intelligence and its applications for everyday life. Privately, Tomek is a big enthusiast of chess, which he plays regularly with his 2 little sons and his lovely wife Gosia.

Dr. Yassin Hankir
Founder & CEO

Yassin is an avid FinTech enthusiast and co-organizer of the FinTech Meetup Frankfurt. As a former McKinsey strategy adviser of international banks in Europe, in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and Dr. of finance, he firmly believes that the banking industry is facing a serious upheaval. With savedroid, he wants to do his part and finally create a user-centered offer which simplifies personal finances in the daily life and helps to conveniently save money for all non-finance nerds.


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