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savedroid is the smartest, most convenient, and safest way for your crypto savings to fulfil your smaller and bigger wishes. We provide easy access to cryptocurrencies for everyone – absolutely no crypto exchange signup, wallet setup, and private key handling required. So, what are you waiting for? Join the crypto saving revolution now!



Working @savedroid

We employ and empower the best talents and value their expertise.

We work passionately and fearlessly beyond our comfort zones to improve continuously.

We actively listen to, constructively manage, and protect our communities.

We respect and help each other and create a fun and caring environment.

We solve problems hands-on, but openly discuss topics affecting everyone.

The S-Team

Alexander Berkunov
Mobile Engineer

Dr. Alla Brodski-Guerniero
Data Scientist

Alla joined us in March 2017 as Data Scientist. She takes care of data analysis and forecasts - for example in order to provide the users with tips for the best smooves to fulfill their wishes. In addition to her work at savedroid, Alla also works on her doctorate in the field of neuroscience. She explores what happens in our brain when information from memory affects our perception.

Prof. Dr. Danko Nikolic
CDO, Head of AI
Ela Wenner
Head of Design

As a passionate designer almost non-stop everything revolves around the visual. However anyone who believes that Ela only pays attention to superficial things is deceptively wrong. A good portion of facts with which you can knit a grandiose concept is the A and O of every design start. Her expertise in a wide range of design topics such as corporate identity, editorial design, analogue photography, re-drafting, employer branding, conception, project management and analytical thinking she gathered in large as well as in various small agencies and design offices in the Rhine-Main area , With her expertise she brings nothing so fast from the concept.

Florian Schreiber
Creative Director

Dr. Gautam Kumar Paramanik
Data Scientist

Nap Time Coordinator

Joachim V. Brockmann
Chief Growth Officer

Joachim brings more than 25 years experience as a global business leader in different leadership roles. He worked as a senior manager in the telecommunications industry at Deutsche Telekom AG and in the payment service industry at Lufthansa AirPlus and AirPlus International.
He also gained expercience in life style industry from his work at Goldwell AG.
In the last months he worked as a business angel for several startups and startup organisations. Additionally to this he is a shareholder of the startup Real-Life-Interaction GmbH.>br /> He lived during his business live in Hongkong (China) and has a very International customer and business focus. Business wise his passion lies mainly on the market side with Marketing, Sales and Business Development.
He is married and has one son. In his private live he is interested in sports, e.g. Basketball, Tennis, Soccer and Golf. Addtionally he spends time in different honorary appointments.

Chief Pet Officer

Lukasz Panczyszyn
IT Intern

Lukasz is an IT Intern, passionate about User Experience Design, Service Design and Human-Computer Interaction. Owner of a weird sense of humor which is manifested with admiration to Monty Python and Deadpool, anti-talent in playing musical instruments singing and tragic handwriting which can encrypt notes better than the SHA-256 algorithms. In his free time between job and working on his thesis in Computer Science consistently connected with UX Design, likes to play badminton and board/video games but also read a good fantasy and startup books.

Marco Trautmann
Founder & COO

Marco is a strategy and banking IT expert. Before co-founding savedroid AG, Marco has already developed and launched digital business models and products at McKinsey & Company as a management consultant. Through his time as project manager at accenture Marco has deep experience in implementing technology projects. As a student, he already gained his first experience as an entrepreneur by founding a small IT consultancy to develop real estate due diligence tools for investment banks.

Michael Ryvlin
Product Owner & Senior Backend Developer

Michael is our backend developer from the beginning and responsible for the entire backend of the app and the server and security structure. At noon, he invites you to accompany him on a walk with Jewa through Bornheim and then to share a fun with Crazy Gibbon sharpened lunch. Before working at savedroid, he spent a long time in the e-commerce environment.

Nicolas Poss
Entrepreneurship Intern

Patrick Täufer
iOS Developer

Patrick is an iOS developer at savedroid and makes sure that the iOS version will be functioning to all Apple users. After completing his studies as a computer scientist and his Media Informatics degree, Patrick spent almost 5 years in an agency and consulting. In addition to his job at savedroid he travels a lot and is a passionate serial fan. If he also finds some time he tries to do sports and devotes himself to some private app projects.

Philipp Petruschke
Head of Business Development

Philipp is a business developer by heart, passionate about developing and implementing new and innovative ideas and business models. He likes the diversity of issues that arise when doing that. Yet, he even more likes to solve those issues together with a strong and motivated team. With a backgrund in mechanical engineering and business administration he has worked to support renewable energies in replacing fossil fuels, to introduce drones to enable predictive maintenance and is now helping cryptocurrencies to become available to the masses.

Dr. Qiao Ge
Data Scientist

Qiao is currently working as a Data Scientist at savedroid. Before joining savedroid, he was a Post Doctoral researcher at the Institute for Transport Planning and Systems inETH Zurich, Switzerland. He got his PhD in Traffic Engineering from ETH Zurich in 2016.His interests include sensitivity analysis,microscopic simulations, as well as machine learning algorithms. He has first authored a number of scientific publications, especially in the area of sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification. He is also the recipient of several awards in his academic life, including one very prestigious Chinese Government Award.

Ruchali Dodderi
Lead Backend Architect

Thulasiram Toorpu
DevSecOps Engineer

Tobias Zander
Founder & CTO

Tobias is an entrepreneur and consultant specializing in software development and agile team leadership. Prior to the founding of savedroid AG, he was already CTO of Sitewards GmbH and formed there a development team that set standards in know-how, methods, training and quality assurance and thus always attracted the best developers. Tobias inspires worldwide as a speaker, writes for various magazines and blogs and has published several books.

Tudor Rusu
Senior Backend Engineer

Tudor is a Web Application Developer and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in client/server and relational database design using PHP and MySQL. In the last two years, he extend his expertise area in artificial intelligence technology for implementation in deep machine learning, pattern recognition and sorting/searching algorithm.

My private web site:

Dr. Yassin Hankir
Founder & CEO

Yassin is an avid FinTech enthusiast and co-organizer of the FinTech Meetup Frankfurt. As a former McKinsey strategy adviser of international banks in Europe, in the Middle East and Southeast Asia and Dr. of finance, he firmly believes that the banking industry is facing a serious upheaval. With savedroid, he wants to do his part and finally create a user-centered offer which simplifies personal finances in the daily life and helps to conveniently save money for all non-finance nerds.


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